leaky faucet


I’m doing a lot of honest reflecting n evaluating on past actions tonight and there has been way too many times where I was just sloppy drunk and it’s so embarrassing

Hey why does everyone hate Gemini’s

-need braces
-prone to alcohol/drug abuse
-chemical imbalances in the brain

Why am I so genetically inferior


  • Palestine should be wholeheartedly defended.
  • This defence should never incorporate or accept anti-Semitism.

My bony ass can’t take sitting on this metal fold out chair anymore

(Source: cities)

My hair hasn’t been this frizzy since like 6th grade when I didn’t know how to tame it yet

I have the biggest hair in this classroom


Yes! Russia September 2012
Lia Serge, Misha Ka, Ulya True and Lana Ross 

I don’t care anymore I’m in a silent classroom for open studio and I keep pulling mini kit kats out of my backpack and it’s so loud idc I will eat this entire bag in front of all of these people I don’t care if I’m 31 Instagram likes ugly idc I don’t care